4 page ICONic BrochureICONic Dental Practice Management Software with All-Graphics-Based Charting for the 21st Century

"WYSdom has an outstanding history of dental practice management system development and delivery and we are justifiably proud of our reputation within the dental industry." Laurie Trewinnard, MD

ICONic is widely recognised as the easiest system to learn and use so if you are considering buying your first Practice Management System contact us now to arrange an OnLine demonstration - call 01908 324045 - and download the buying guide for lots of useful advice and tips together with a planner that will help you decide what you need.

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With our flagship dental management software – ICONic – we now offer the most modern, fully featured and innovative dental charting system available today. In keeping with our ICONic dental charting; the administrative, reporting and patient appointment facilities of the system are packed full of features yet the system remains so simple to use.

Add that to our one-stop-shop hardware and software installation and maintenance solution and you have unrivalled tools to drive your practice to the highest levels of customer satisfaction and business success.

All our products comply with the English & Welsh, Northern Ireland and Scottish technical and legislative requirements and are updated to keep up with any changes, so you never need worry about that side of the business…. we do it for you!

Go to our ICONic Features page for more specific details.

WYSdom are also distributors of many other dental technologies, including dental educational software (Consult-PRO), X-ray, digital cameras and scanning systems.

Call our sales hotline on 01908 324045 and let us show you how we can help you to new heights in management, control and development of your practice.



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