About WYSdom

The Company

WYSdom was one of the earliest dental system suppliers to be certified for English & Welsh electronic transmissions (EDI), way back in 1991. In 1993, in conjunction with the DPD in Edinburgh, we pioneered the use of EDI in Scotland.

Our membership of the DSSA (Dental Systems Suppliers Association) means that we remain at the forefront of developments with both the DPB and DPD for England, Wales and Scotland, as well as working directly with the NHS in Northern Ireland. We are continually involved with the future plans of the National Health Service and are engaged in the process of integrating and rolling out new functionality as and when the relevant authorities develop new legal frameworks and requirements.

We develop, maintain and support our software with a team who have extensive experience in the dental market and who are constantly striving to improve it for the benefit of our customers.

Our expertise in broader business allows us to always view our development with a truly commercial perspective. This means that everything we do is aimed at helping our clients' businesses in real terms that add value to the bottom-line.

From the speed of the charting system to the exceptional appointment book, from the advanced periodontal charting to the SMS and e-mail driven patient recall utilities; we provide the tools to help you to achieve less waiting time for patients and to minimize your number of FTAs.

We are proud members of all the main dental associations including those listed below.

WYSdom Values

Our Mission is to make a valuable contribution to the running of our customers' practices with a cost-effective and easy to use solution to their day to day needs. If we do so with honesty and transparency we believe we are creating a connection to our customers that also delivers true value. We will always try to do our best for them but if we do get it wrong - and we all do sometimes - we will hold our hands up and endeavour to make it right. We know we are not perfect and never will be but we try to be that bit better every day.

How We Work

Establishing the real costs of a new dental practice management system can be complex and time consuming, with quotes for software from one supplier and hardware from another. Then there’s the issue of the Internet connection and anti-virus software; not forgetting licenses and sofware updates.

WYSdom has traditionally always supplied a complete 'turnkey' system to its clients and today is no exception. Our experience is unrivalled.

With WYSdom, you know exactly what you are getting for your money because we always work to our published pricelist which is fully inclusive of the necessary hardware and software to manage your practice.

This means that we take care of everything, including:

  • System Planning
  • Cabling
  • Network Installation
  • WiFi Setup
  • Hardware
  • Practice Management Software
  • Software Links with X-Ray Equipment
  • Initial Training

With our unrivalled hardware and software support policy, you know that when you contact our helpdesk, we will be able to deal with any problem you may have; whatever the source.

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When you buy a WYSdom ICONic system we take our responsibility to you, our customer seriously; we want to help you become more successful, so and here are a few ways in which we add value to your practice, improve efficiency and make WYSdom the natural choice for your practice.

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