BDTA Showcase 2007

Posted: 29th October 2007

The October BDTA Showcase was a resounding success for WYSdom and the launch of ICONic. Our stand was virtually besieged at times and we have to say a big thank you to all those who came to see us.

Rumours about the new system quickly spread around the show and we had many visits from non-WYSdom users as well as our competitors, all of whom congratulated us on what we have achieved to bring dental charting into the twenty-first century.

Everyone who saw the new system was impressed by the simplicity of the new visual charting mechanism for entering patient data and many commented on how easy it would be for a new nurse to get familiar with it. In fact we had a new member of our own staff who came to the show having never seen ICONic and she was up and running and demonstrating to users within thirty minutes of logging into the system. Amazing!

During and since the show we have taken a great many orders from users for upgrades to their systems as well as numerous orders for other dental related products such as cameras and X-ray equipment, so once again thanks to you all.

If you are a current WYSdom user and have still not ordered your upgrade call the sales hotline number now on 01908 324045.

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