BDTA Showcase 2008

Posted: 27th October 2008

WYSdom Dental Technologies took its place at the BDTA Showcase at ExCel in October with an even larger stand than in 2007. This allowed us to provide demonstration facilities to a much larger number of visitors at any one time - and it proved to be the right decision. The stand was really busy for most of the show and at times it was difficult to actually get to talk to everyone that wanted information or a demonstration, but that's a good thing.... correct?

If anyone reading this is still waiting for information then do drop us an email - and we'll get back to you.

When a picture is worth a thousand words.....

The ICONic system, with its latest functionality, proved yet again to be a real winner with visitors as they quickly understood the advantages of graphics-based charting. This concept has been further refined and added to in the 2008 ICONic system updates and allows for a much improved user experience over the older numerical, code-based systems that still seem to dominate the UK marketplace.

As well as the ICONic Practice System, WYSdom has the sole UK distribution licence for Consult-PRO Software and Chairside-PRO UK 2009 – the Worlds leading dental patient education system – was being shown for the very first time.

Jason Pardo, here on the right, CEO of Consult-PRO flew in from Canada for the event and worked non-stop showing visitors the new system.

The new release is the most comprehensive educational tool available, consisting of over 800 animated videos, slide shows and leaflets.

It's a great way to show a patient in detail what treatments are being proposed and integrates directly with the ICONic system where it creates a log of what has been demonstrated or printed out for a patient. In this ever-more litigious world this is a real benefit to any practice.

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