BDTA Showcase 2013

Posted: 30th November 2013

It's always WYSdom's wish to have something new to show each year and the BDTA is always a great place to do it.

The show this year was of particular interest to our existing customers as it was the first time they could see the eagerly awaited new Appointment Book. The existing one, used for many years, has had various additions and updates to it to keep it up to date and relevant with customer expectations and their ever-changing needs but at the same time there comes a point when a re-write from the ground up is required. New functionality is often a bit of a compromise so a fresh start is a good opportunity to make it all work a bit speedier because the programmers know exactly what they are trying achieve.

It has taken a considerable amount of development resource over the last couple of years to come up with what is seen as significant upgrade to it. The new Appointment Book is based on a great deal of specific customer research as well as the usual wish-list of functions that we keep based on customer requests.

The initial feedback was really positive and everyone looks forward to the update in the coming months after full on-site testing.

So it was nice to catch up with everyone again - thanks for taking the time to visit us.

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