WYSdom Skeleton Staff


Posted: 26th March 2020
We know that most practices are reducing opening and some have closed altogether so who knows where we may be in a few days; hopefully all your staff all are safe and well and will continue to be.

We at WYSdom are currently working mainly from home, including support, to keep staff as safe as possible in these weird and uncertain times.

We were already investing in a new phone system which will now be installed (hopefully) on the 2nd April and this will give us much more flexibility, however, in the short term as we currently have a limited phone system we would therefore ask you to:

1 - Email all non-emergency questions whenever possible - support@wysdom.co.uk

2 - Use the Emergency Support line for ALL support calls as this is being diverted - 01908 324047. The admin' and accounts number 324045 is also being diverted.

As always we will do our best to respond as quickly as possible but if you don't get a response within an hour or two please do chase us up just in case your message has fallen through the cracks.
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