New WYSdom System

Posted: 9th May 2018

We are pleased to announce the major decision to create a brand new WYSdom system.

This will be completely new using the very best development tools available and working both over the Internet in a browser with full system replication on a local device in the practice which will act as an automatic fail-over should the Internet go down.

We will be sustantially extending the range of functionality both on the dental side to help with compliance and direct links to accounts packages and general business side to provide many of the features that are currently managed manually or on spreadsheets; such as work and holiday rotas, staff and associate payment systems and the like.

The amount of work is of course substantial and will represent a large investment of both time and money but is the best way to ensure viability of the system and improve the service already provided.

The development is scheduled to deliver a new English system including SnowMed for April 2020 as well as a new Scottish system which will have the final features of the currently under development eDental project for Scotland... watch this space.

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