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Why choose Privilege Plan as your preferred plan partner?

Privilege Plan was established in 2008 and we are proud to be a company which really cares about our clients and their patients. We are small enough to be able to provide a great deal of flexibility and a personal service for our customers, and large enough to give you the confidence that we will never let you down. If you haven’t heard about us it could be because we don’t advertise in the dental journals and don’t exhibit at the dental shows. We are a lean and keen team who keep our costs low so we can keep our administration fees low too.

See at a glance the service we provide:

You might be interested in talking to us if:

  1. You don’t currently offer a patient plan and are looking to introduce one
  2. You have a plan but want to breathe new life into it
  3. You are dissatisfied with your current provider service levels
  4. You don’t want to include insurance but your current provider insists that you do
  5. You want to make significant savings on the administration charges you are currently paying.

Savings on administration fees:

Some of the major providers of administration services bank on a sliding scale when setting their admin fees. We prefer to provide a transparent single level of admin fee of £1.00. We have shown below some real examples of savings our clients are making every year when they change to us:

Practice in Shrewsbury moved 1400 patients from Denplan to Privilege Plan reducing their admin fees by £14k per year – that’s £140,000 over ten years.

Practice in Coventry moved 900 patients from Practice Plan to Privilege Plan reducing their admin fees by £10k per year – or £100,00 over ten years.

Practice in Pontefract moved 338 patients from Denplan to Privilege Plan reducing their admin fees by £11,300 per year - £113,560 over ten years.

We have a tried and tested methods of supporting practices to convert their plan to us and we work closely with each client to ensure the most suitable method is applied. This sometimes involves writing to patients to kick-start the process, but sometimes we don’t advocate this method. Irrespective of the method, unlike other providers, we don’t charge you a penny for the conversion process as we look upon the up-front costs that we pay on your behalf a great investment in the development of our long-term relationship.

Business Services

PriWe’re not purely experts in providing patient membership schemes to practices – our industry knowledge has developed over many years and we provide business management services to a range of clients from single handed practitioners to multi-site body corporate organisations.

We provide very practical, hands on advice and support that can make an immediate and tangible difference to your business. Our background is in operational management and we prefer to think of ourselves as mechanics rather than consultants, helping you to diagnose and fix the issues that impact revenue, profitability and your stress levels. Our first task is to help you identify your business dashboard and establish the key areas you should be monitoring so you know what warning lights to look for. You wouldn’t dream of completing a journey in your car with the instrument panel covered up – you need to know whether you have sufficient fuel, ensure you are not breaking the speed limit and when it’s time to book your vehicle in for a service or repair.

When you apply the same principles to your business it makes perfect sense to observe your business dashboard – after all your business is the vehicle you are driving to a successful destination.We can assist you in key areas of your business to keep you heading in the right direction:

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